Learning is a very integral process in all human beings. From the time we were babies, to our current situations, we have been constantly learning new things, thoughts, concepts and knowledge. For example, we may be learning a new skill for work or finding out about how to find halal food in bangkok. While most of us know the importance of constantly learning and upgrading ourselves, very few of us actually translate our learning processes into great feats of success. This can be attributed to negative beliefs about learning that we are instilled in our minds. So how can we get rid of these negative feelings and instill empowering beliefs about learning instead? Well read on to find out more.

Firstly, imagine using your mind to go back in time to the point where that part of an experience solidified your belief about learning that is about to happen, but still hasn’t. Describe everything that is happening right before the ‘belief solidifying point’ is about to occur. Then stop. Freeze time in your mind.

Decide what you want to happen next. Imagine you are the omnipotent and omniscient author of that particular experience and decide a more empowering, positive and constructive alternate ending to that experience. Describe and visualise it vividly. Inject empowering and motivating emotions into your experience. At this point, if you had been describing the experience as a third party observer, you may want to experience this positive alternative in the first person, as your own self instead.

How do you feel now? Do you feel better now? Are you more confident? More certain of your own learning strengths? If your positive alternate experience is not to your satisfaction, feel free to repeat the above steps again as many times as you wish. Construct an even better alternative than the first one. Loop your positive and empowering experience over and over again, as many times as you want, until you feel you have sufficiently solidified a stronger, more positive and empowering learning belief in place of your old, negative one.

But that’s not all. Next, use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to tap on meridian points on your body, to clear away your negative beliefs about learning. You should also check if you still have any remnant feelings or emotional residue left over and clear them away as well. If you are unsure about EFT, go to any search engine or Youtube and find out more about how to use the technique.

Once you have cleared the negative beliefs about learning, use EFT to install new empowering beliefs about learning by repeating the following statements as you tap on the prescribed meridian points:-
“I am now [insert your positive, empowering new learning belief here]”.
“I find myself [insert your positive, empowering new learning belief here]”.
“I choose to [insert your positive, empowering new learning belief here]”.

Before you embark on accelerating your learning processes and becoming a super learner, it is crucial that you clear all negative beliefs and thoughts that you may have about learning in your mind. With this crucial step completed, you will discover that you are now ready to go a step closer to becoming a super learner.