Anybody in the working life knows how challenging and competitive it can be, just like how finding halal food in singapore. Especially when it comes to remaining relevant and valuable to the company, the risks of being retrenched and let go are increased. Lifelong learning simply means to learn, pick up and upgrade skills that are necessary for your job. You could either take up short term or long term courses to get the necessary certifications or qualifications.

If you are an employee, jobseeker or even someone who is undergoing a mid career switch, it is of crucial importance that you practise lifelong learning and go through intensive courses and training from professionals. Not only does this ensure the security of your job, it can also help you learn new skills and increase your chance of better opportunities.

Why every employee or job seeker has to undergo lifelong learning and training

Here are a few points to help you understand better the importance of undergoing lifelong learning and training.

To be able to identify and deal with workplace changes & advancements
Employees of companies or current job seekers are responsible for upgrading their skills and remaining relevant. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity that every employee or job seeker go through a broad and in depth upgrading and training programme. They need to have enough knowledge to be able to identify and keep up with any kind of workplace changes and advancements, so that they can adapt and improve themselves.

To be able to assess and evaluate their skills and knowledge
Employees or managers are expected to do everything in their power to ensure that their skills and knowledge are up to date so as to minimise serious mistakes in their work. They need to make certain that they complete their work according to the standards of their company, and this includes improving productivity. They should be thoroughly trained in the use of any necessary equipment in the workplace, where applicable.

To be able to carry out work to meet organisational standards
All activities pertaining to work matters must be properly planned and executed regularly and promptly by managers, employees and workers. They must make sure that their plans and proposals are relevant and perfect, so as to meet the standards of their organisation or company. Having the right skills and knowledge will best prepare employees, managers and even current job seekers to meet the challenging and rigorous demands of any evolving organisation or company.

To be able to prepare reports to meet company requirements
Employees, managers and job seekers in any business or industry must be trained effectively so that they have the knowledge and competence to be able to regularly prepare and file reports which are in accordance with all the company requirements. This is an important aspect because if reports are not submitted on time or do not meet the required standards, it could lead to serious consequences.