How Plastic Surgery Has Changed Over the Years in Korea
For Korean society, plastic surgery is not an unfamiliar concept. Plastic surgery has been a part of Korean culture since the 1970s. However, in the 1970s, plastic surgeries were not considered common practice in Korea. In 1977, only 3% of women had undergone some kind of plastic surgery and only 2.5% had breast implants. However, by 1984 that number increased to 10% for women and 13% for men with breast implants. In the 1990s, these numbers increased further to 20% and 24%.

The popularity and prevalence of plastic surgery in Korea has only increased over time. When considering the long history of plastic surgery in Korea, it becomes clear that there is a shift in attitudes towards cosmetic procedures. In the past, plastic surgery was seen as something to remedy physical defects and create beauty. In recent times, it is increasingly seen as something to enhance one’s personality. The trend towards plastic surgeries has changed over time as well as how people think about it. Plastic surgery became less stigmatized in Korea around 1995-1996 when it became more common among celebrities and those with celebrity status such as models or actors (22%).

Here’s How Much Common Plastic Surgeries in Korea Cost
Plastic surgery in South Korea is very popular for having competitive costs and having high-quality results. Before choosing any plastic surgeon, make sure that the one you are considering was well-reviewed by their patients. Let’s take a look at how much plastic surgery costs in South Korea, a country with one of the highest rates of cosmetic surgery. It is also one of the most competitive countries for various kinds of plastic surgery treatments. The cost of this procedure would range from $1,500 to $10,000 USD depending on what type and amount you need to have done. One example is breast augmentation which can cost up to $5,000 USD in Seoul’s Gangnam district.

Cost of Plastic Surgery is Skyrocketing Today in South Korea
South Korea has the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. In 2013, plastic surgery was a $6.5 billion industry in South Korea, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year. The reason for this increase in plastic surgery is because of the culture’s obsession with physical appearance. The main problem with all these surgeries is that they are too expensive for many South Koreans who cannot afford them due to their low income levels. This has led to an increase in cosmetic procedures done by unlicensed doctors who don’t have any medical qualifications or experience, but do have a little knowledge about carrying out plastic surgery procedures. Read more about the Changing Trend of Korea Plastic Surgery Cost in our prior article.

Reasons Behind the Rising Cost of Plastic Surgery in South Korea
South Korea is known for their beauty and has a huge market demand for plastic surgery due to their idealized society and culture that features a large emphasis on appearance. This has created an industry that is highly competitive and quickly growing with an estimated growth rate of 17%. With the highest per capita plastic surgery in the world, South Korea has some of the best surgeons in the world. However, recent regulations are making it harder for surgeons to maintain their profit margins. South Korean surgeons have come up with various methods to keep themselves profitable. These include increasing patients’ rates and offering more treatments like non-surgical treatments, facelifts, and even liposuction.